Valanni Royale

kettle one, st germain, prosecco, fresh lime

Blood Orange Bellini

anejo rum, blood orange puree, agave, champagne, sugar stick

Dirty Stuffed

diamond filtered crystal head vodka, olive juice, hand stuffed blue cheese olives

The Midtown

crystal head vodka, aperol, honey simple, fresh lime, cucumber

philly fashion

templeton rye, brown sugar cube, brandied cherries, angostura and orange bitters


tanqueray 10, ginger liquer, hibiscus , fresh lemon, aquafaba

Bourbon Ginger Fizz

bulleit, honey, lemon, ginger beer, champagne

Spruce St Gimlet

malfy gin, honey simple, fresh lime, fresh herb bouquet

Almost Punch

tequila blanco, fresh watermelon, agave, elderflower liquer, fresh lime


Not your Basil Margarita

blanco, fresh lime, agave, cucumber, fresh basil, hint of jalapeno


x-rated liquer, smirnoff passionfruit vodka, blood orange puree, lime

Cucumber Martini

cucumber citrus infused vodka, elderflower Liquer, lime


stoli citros, blueberries & mint, agave, fresh lemon, sparkling wine

Margaritas, Mojitos & Sangria 


white rum, sugar, fresh lime, mint, club soda, rock candy

Grapefruit Mojito

captain grapefruit, sugar, fresh lime, mint, club soda, rock candy


altos Plata, combier orange, fresh lime, agave, malbec float, sugar rim

Honey Pear Margarita

corralejo blanco, triple sec, honey simple, lime, pear puree, cinnamon sugar rim


Red / White / Seasonal